Online Course: MA129 OC1, Spring 2019

I'm getting emails about the online version of MA129 that will be offered this spring. Here is a summary of the format of the course.

  • It covers the same material as the in-class version of MA129, using the same textbook, and the same set of practice problems.
  • The pacing is the same, covering the material in 12 weeks. However, instead of attending lectures you are expected to watch online videos that explain the material.
  • Each week there is an online WeBWorK homework assignment due.
  • There are no labs for the course, so instead a number of the WeBWorK assignments have been made longer, and they are worth more than in the in-class course.
  • The midterm will be in week 6 of the course, and will be completed online.
  • The final exam is expected to be written at WLU, although if travel is difficult, it is possible to arrange an alternate writing site, usually at a local university, who will provide the proctoring. (There may be some fee involved for arranging this.)

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