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Online Course: MA129 OC1, Spring 2019

I'm getting emails about the online version of MA129 that will be offered this spring. Here is a summary of the format of the course. It covers the same material as the in-class version of MA129, using the same textbook, and the same set of practice problems. The pacing is the same, covering the material in 12 weeks. However, instead of attending lectures you are expected to watch online videos that explain the material. Each week there is an online WeBWorK homework assignment due. There…

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To Fall 2018 MA129 Students at Laurier

I've put here important course information my fall students might need. (Unfortunately, students don't get access to MyLearningSpace until classes begin.) ┬áIf you email me with a question, I will simply direct you here for an answer. I don't mean to be rude, but I get a LOT of questions, so please don't be put off by my curt reply. Registration Issues I imagine in some places instructors have some control over who is allowed in their class and who isn't. I don't. I can…

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