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Some Favourite Movies

There are many movies I admire but have little wish to see again. For example, The Revenant was beautiful and powerful, but harrowing. And it's been many years since I last watched Schindler's List, though I admire the film greatly. However, there are some movies I keep returning to. Compiling a list of these, and stepping back, I can see some patterns. Almost none of them are set in the present. Almost all of them are visually engrossing, usually for a combination of scenery, period detail,…

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Annihilation: what's really going on?

First, let's start with the movie's surprise ending. Lena is the sole survivor of the team that went into the shimmer, and she's getting grilled about what happened. We know there was all sorts of mixing and scrambling of DNA/body characteristics inside the shimmer, so she's not exactly the same Lena that went in. For example, she now has Anya's tattoo on forearm. But her phosphorus-grenade trick in the lighthouse resulted in the whole shimmer/alien presence being obliterated. No more scrambling. Even the alien-Kane is…

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Reflections on Wild, Wild Country

In case you haven't seen it, Wild, Wild Country is a captivating Netflix documentary series chronicling the rise and fall of the 1980's Oregon commune of the Baghwan Rajneesh. Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched it, you may wish to postpone reading this. Some unfolding tragedies are like World War 2. What with Hitler talking about neighbouring countries as lebensraum for the German people, it wasn't hard to see conflict approaching. Other stories are like World War 1. A Hapsburg royal is assassinated in Serbia, and 5 weeks later…

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